Our responsibilities

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We stay true

To achieve our vision and uphold our values, we have numerous policies to make sure we are responsible to our employees, customers, suppliers and our community. These are our commitments to you.


Our priority is making sure everyone in and connected to our business is safe and enjoys long-term health.

We take the time to assess risks, mitigate them and implement controls, no matter the time or cost.

Our commitments to safety are:

  • no business objective ever takes priority above health and safety
  • every injury is preventable
  • every job can be done safely
  • at the end of the day, everyone goes home safe
  • health and safety is everyone’s responsibility.

No repeats

This is one of our core principles and drives our culture of continuous improvement. We train, mentor, audit, investigate and challenge to do better every day.

Our safety management systems encompass every level of our business operations and our quality systems are based on international health and safety standards.

You can read our full health and safety policy below.

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Environment and sustainability

Our vision is to make sustainable development possible by delivering innovative solutions.

We do everything we can to minimise the negative and maximise the positive environmental impacts of our operations.

We drive innovation, pioneer new ways to rehabilitate mines, and partner with our clients to develop sustainable environmental pathways and be good stewards of the land.

You can read our full environmental management policy below.


Our success depends on us exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Every level of our business operations comes under our quality management systems—from corporate quality management policies to site-specific quality plans. Our commitment to quality weaves through everything we do.

You can read our full quality policy below.

Community engagement

We support and contribute to the success of the communities we work in.

We employ locals when possible, use local suppliers and actively engage the communities we live and work in. We also support our local communities through sponsorships and donations.

Above all, we seek to act responsibly and sustainably in everything we do.

You can read our full community engagement policy below.

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Indigenous peoples

We recognise the social and economic disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and we are committed to helping close the gap.

We believe we can contribute by creating employment, educational and business opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

We work with Indigenous communities, building pathways in ‘Caring for Country’ by engaging, consulting and collaborating in land stewardship throughout our rehabilitation work.

In 2020, we took our commitment one step further by forging a mutually beneficial business partnership with Eton Services, a business owned and operated by Barada Barna Traditional Owners.

You can read our full Indigenous engagement policy below.

Diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion

We stand by our commitment to doing right by our people.

This means:

  • We are a diverse team built on a culture of inclusion.
  • We treat every person with respect and dignity, and treasure our cultural and social differences.
  • We promote on merit and treat everyone fairly.

You can read our full diversity and inclusion and equal opportunity policies below.

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets a clear and consistent standard of behaviour that is expected from all our people, including employees, contractors and suppliers.

It provides an unambiguous reference to our expectations, to ensure everyone acts in accordance with the companies, values and policies.

Through unwavering adherence and consistent enforcement of our code of conduct, we build trust, inspire confidence and protect our reputation.

You can read our full code of conduct below.