Our story

Our Story

30 years of expertise and counting

In 1991, Managing Director Craig Mclean established a seed business to service nurseries throughout Australia.

Providing seed and seedlings for road construction and urban development soon became a core market for the business, and the company was pioneering in the development of a native seed industry in Queensland.

By the mid 1990s, demand for native seeds for rehabilitation of Queensland coal mines was rapidly increasing. Rehabilitation became a major focus. So, in 1998, the business focused solely on its rehabilitation services.

As this market developed, the need for specialist contracting services also emerged and the contracting division was established.

Our equipment list grew steadily from our earliest days with one tractor. The company started to take on minor civil construction and earthworks jobs to fill in the gaps between the rehabilitation season.

MSS has serviced the mining sector with rehabilitation and civil construction services. We have learned, adapted, grown (and downsized) with the industry and its many cycles over the years.

From green fields construction, to mine closure, to lawn mowing and bulk earthworks, we’ve had a crack at just about everything supporting mining.

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    We’ve carted:

    Rejects, coal, topsoil, water, drill mud, rocks, ash, manure, gypsum.

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    We’ve built:

    Dams, levees, diversion drains, explosive magazines, wash pads, rom pads, access roads, and all manner of earthworks.

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    We’ve installed:

    Ring tanks, pipes, cables, irrigation systems, gas and water mains, portable buildings, substations, fences, earth grids and more.

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    We’ve rehabilitated:

    Thousands of hectares of mined land, pushed carted and shaped millions of cubic metres of material, ameliorated and fertilised, dozer/tractor/aerial seeded, hydromulched, and hand planted many thousands of tubestock.

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Our people

What we do has changed over the years, but we’re still a people business as much as we were on day one. Our business exists to serve our people and our clients.

From our earliest days as a sole owner operator and jack of all trades, our business is now made up of a diverse group of talented people who are experts at what they do.

From our humble beginnings to today, thousands of employees and suppliers have been a part of our story and helped to forge our values.

Our values are the soul of our business, and everything we do is measured against them.

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Our work

As our business has matured, so too has the type of work we do. We are trusted partners supplying business critical services, always engaged directly by mining operators rather than as subcontractors.

Over the past 30 years, the resources sector has made a significant contribution to Australia’s development, and has been integral to our story.

We look forward to serving the sector for many more decades, and to pursuing our vision to make sustainable development possible by delivering innovative solutions.