Mining Support Services In Australia

MSS provide, civil construction and environmental services exclusively to the mining sector.. We are a smaller, highly skilled contractor with over two decades of mining experience. Our mining support service consultants are easy to deal with, reliable, professional, we are proud of what we do. We work together with our clients, we get the job done. Sometimes dealing with a smaller contractor, can be challenging, but no so with MSS. On time on budget and totally professional. We will exceed your expectations.



MSS are experienced mining contractors with a team of highly skilled operators, supervisors and site personnel. From greenfield projects

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MSS are specialist suppliers of native seeds, seed coating and enhancement, tubestock, fertilser and other rehabilitation products.

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Consultancy Services

Our qualified professional team provide technical support in every aspect of environmental management to achieve your rehabilitation

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Our Values

These are the key things that matter to us. These are the values that we have set that are non negotiable. These are the things we
believe and they define the way we do business.


We believe workplace safety is a choice that everyone makes.

We take the time to make it safe no matter how long it takes. There are no shortcuts.


We work as a team.

We look after our mates

We work together with our clients to get the job done.


Our continual employment depends on us getting the job done for our clients. We turn up on time, follow the rules, and deliver outstanding service.


We don't make promises we cant keep.

We don't take shortcuts,

We are good to deal with.